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Corporate - İkon Ambalaj A.Ş.

İkon Ambalaj was established in 2012 as two facilities producing flexible packaging and IML labels, with its strong capital structure, young and dynamic staff, customer-oriented and innovative approach.

İkon Ambalaj Manisa factory is located in Muradiye Organized Industrial Zone with a closed facility of 7,000 m² in an open area of 10,000 m², and the İzmir factory is located in Kemalpaşa with a closed facility of 7,000 m² in an open area of 20,000 m². provides service.

İkon Ambalaj factories were established in these regions as they provide advantages in purchasing raw materials from local and foreign suppliers and in shipping packaging material to the whole world. In this way, it can provide its customers with the highest level of continuous and sustainable service. With its innovative and special product range, it serves 200 customers and 8 different sectors.

It produces flexible packaging and IML labels for various sectors with its more than 200 employees in total, and expands its production portfolio steadily thanks to the investments it makes regularly. Having the infrastructure to meet the special designs and demands of its customers, İkon Ambalaj is among the leading companies with the BRCGS Product Safety System Certificate in the production and development of product or customer-specific products.


İKON Ambalaj believes that the way to success is through the production of high quality products that meet or exceed the expectations of customers and consumers. The basis of this belief is the responsibility of meeting customer requirements and ensuring product safety in all products produced by İKON Ambalaj.

İKON Ambalaj is determined to implement quality and product safety management systems, standards and good manufacturing practices in order to protect and increase consumer trust and brand reputation.

İKON Ambalaj is committed to continuous improvement, which is measured, evaluated and whose effectiveness is validated. It believes that the responsibility of achieving the relevant product safety and quality objectives in order to ensure continuous improvement belongs to each employee and stakeholders of the organization.

As the General Manager, I undertake the following product safety and quality management principles and quality objectives. The responsibility for the successful implementation of this program belongs to all employees within the organization.

Our Principles;

  • Producing and delivering products that meet product safety and quality standards.
  • To meet all legal and regulatory requirements regarding product safety and quality.
  • To implement and maintain a culture of product safety and quality at every level of our company
  • To ensure sustainable product safety and quality performance through effective implementation and certification of quality and product safety management systems.
  • To validate the effectiveness of product safety and quality management systems, both internal and external audits, in line with international standards.
  • Building and developing a data management system that develops technical skills, raises awareness, manages risk and increases the level of excellence.
  • Manage product safety-related risks effectively in the event of possible changes in products, processes and technologies.
  • Review policies, standards and procedures related to product safety.
  • Include product safety and quality-related strategies in the annual business planning process to ensure product safety and quality are an integral part of our operations.
  • Setting product safety and quality targets for all levels of our operations to ensure continuous improvement and compliance with standards.
  • Ensuring that issues and requirements regarding product safety and quality are communicated to suppliers and customers with raw material and product specifications.
  • To ensure that all measures are taken, starting from the supplier, in order to protect our business against internal and external interventions.

Our Quality Goals;

  • To reduce the cost of poor quality
  • To reduce costs
  • Making corporate and technological innovation

Our Vision

To offer high quality, reliable, continous and environmentally respectful flexible packaging solutions to our customers and enriching them.

Our Mission

To serve our customers in accordance with their requests and expectations without compensating from our quality and excellent serving conception with our flexible structure, variety, creative solutions and competitive prices.